RightWave’s team of B2B digital marketing experts provide back-office support for campaigns, landing pages, data quality, analytics, detailed reporting, and more. The correct rendering is assured on all popular browsers and mobile devices. Developers interface Marketo with a popular webinar, CRM, and other programs for bi-directional synchronization. Drawing on more than a decade of service to B2B organizations, RightWave senior resources guide B2B marketers and sales professionals on best practices for strategy and implementation of Account-Based Marketing and Sales, Data Quality Governance, International and US State legal requirements for privacy and spam control, and similar initiatives.



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Without successful CRM integration, companies cannot provide a complete 360° view or deliver true ROI. In addition, without integration, any platform the corporation is using adds to the burden of disparate marketing information and limiting the creation of critical buyer intelligence and customer intelligence. Proper integration is vital for sales reps to have the real-time intelligence they need to sell more effectively – the ability to view/track prospect web activity, email campaigns, and other marketing activities right from their sales system. For marketing, integration ensures accurate data across marketing and sales, a 360° view, and the ability to analyze prospect behavior, increase customer retention, and deliver marketing ROI. RightWave has a deep knowledge of the Salesforce.com and NetSuite solutions and provides standard integration to keep the Sales Force Automation (SFA) database in sync with the marketing database. RightWave’s successful integration practices give the sales department the information it needs to prioritize who’s active, real, and ready to buy. The RightWave team has proven expertise and skills in setting up one-way or bi-directional integration with CRM systems like Salesforce and NetSuite.

The traditional view of marketing has been that the staff members develop creative ideas and struggle with project management. Project management is often seen as a science best suited for product development and building construction. With the advent of marketing automation, the concept of marketing is changing and project management is now an integral part of marketing operations. Organizations make significant improvements if marketing teams are empowered with better project management and gain control over their projects. However, the struggle to balance marketing planning, strategy, and project management continues to be a major pain point for marketing experts. RightWave’s customers gain from day one with better project planning, document and task management, project cost tracking, and improved ROI. Not only this, metrics start soaring with shorter timelines. RightWave’s systematic approach reduces overhead and facilitates optimal resource management by tracking real-time capacity and utilization. Timely delivery creates a competitive advantage with newer and stronger campaigns and marketing initiatives delivered greater efficiency and ease. RightWave solutions empower marketers to create more deliverables without the need to make additional hires.

Data Quality Analysis (DQA) has always proved to be a challenging task. Data analysts need to learn the business purpose of the data. They need to talk to the users to understand how they work with data. With data pouring in faster than ever before, it is difficult to keep a handle on exactly what data is available and the quality of that data. The situation calls for regular data quality analysis. However, many organizations are understandably held back by the difficulty of building in-house solutions and the high cost of purchased systems. Some of the characteristics of Data Quality Analysis: Explorative – exploration of the problem domain as well as the current state of the data Interactive – moving from overview to detail view and adjusting presumptions along the way Temporary and non-persistent – analysis providing a snapshot of the current state as well as a set of recommended actions Multi-sourced – analysis dealing with multiple data sources, such as databases, Excel spreadsheets, MS Access files, and others

RightWave’s Marketing Automation as a Service not only provides management of the high volume of lead generation in B2B marketing environments but also constantly determines the rate of lead conversion. No matter which marketing automation system is in use, RightWave’s solutions can help convert leads into opportunities. They provide a constant supply of rich and qualified leads to the sales team. Constant diligence in lead generation improves ROI and marketing efficiency through the management of contact lists, contact profiling, data cleansing, and data appending. Leads are collated across sources. Lead reporting functions include real-time lead alerts, periodic lead activity reports, lead qualification, and others. Marketing managers can connect with RightWave’s sales team for a discussion of the particulars of lead generation in their companies.

RightWave has proven expertise in portals and microsites that have significantly influenced the marketing ROI for its customers. Microsites are considered to be the most effective and dynamics means to keep the target audience engaged and drive marketing initiatives. RightWave is capable of designing custom portals and microsites to empower the marketing campaigns and other activities and drive better results. Microsite development services go inline with the existing company website retaining the overall look and feel, custom style sheets, and background scripts with a complete background management cutting effort and cost. The most important benefits of microsites are Increased awareness More focused content Faster development Cost efficiency Search effectiveness Connect with RightWave to understand how portals and microsites can fit and empower marketing efforts.

With so much to do in today’s marketing world especially with the onset of marketing automation, marketers face many challenges while meeting their business objectives. With a world-class marketing automation tool in-hand capable of delivering almost everything, marketers are gradually feeling the need to design a strategy covering different marketing mediums gradually resulting in more and more qualified leads. While drip marketing just looks like another term for lead generation, it actually isn’t. As more commonly known, drip campaigns run through channels other than email marketing. Drip email marketing campaigns engage prospects and customers with a series of email messages delivered at scheduled intervals. For example, the email campaign could provide educational materials to a prospect once a week for three weeks. Over time, as people respond, marketers learn more about the prospect’s needs and interests and are able to deliver the desired content more effectively. RightWave’s technical marketing consultants can advise customers on how to deliver superior drip marketing strategies and achieve better results over a period of time








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